PUBG Mobile adds Livik map made specifically for phones and tablets

PUBG mobile players can now access the new map, especially for those who play battle royale games on tablets and smartphones. Called “Livik,” this is the first time the PUBG team has developed a small map specifically for the mobile version of the game, which will give short matching results across smaller scenarios. The update was released in July.

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We first heard the details about Livik in late June; The map was posted on the official PUBG mobile website, along with some vague images of its compact landscape. New PUBG Mobile Version 0.19.0.

Pubg mobile
Pubg mobile

The big appeal of Livik is that it is much smaller than other PUBG maps, enabling players to wrap up a game in 1 15 minutes, according to the company. The mobile-only map measures 2km x 2km and will be capped at a maximum of 2 players per match. The experience should be great for mobile players, although the PUBG mobile team noted that Livik is still in beta. Livik is described as a Nordic map, one full of mountains, green lands, and bright flowers. The map brings some unique weapons that suit the small nature of the map, the SMG P90 for close combat and the MK12 Marksman rifle for long range combat.

Similarly, the Livik map brings a special vehicle suitable for a rocky landscape: a monster truck. In future updates, PUBG mobile players can also expect to include new icons and names with special weapons of experimental test weapon crates. These weapons will keep the fact that they are ‘slightly’ improved compared to their usual variants.

Full PUBG Mobile version 0.19.0 changes can be found in the official patch notes here.

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