Indian PUBG addicted Teenager Spends Rs. 1.6 Million on PUBG Mobile

A teenage boy from Indian Punjab paid Rs. 1.6 million on in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile. The 17-year-old was using his parents’ account to buy sports cosmetics, combat passes, ammunition, and other items.

According to the parents, the money used by the boy was set aside as savings for his father’s health expenses. The parents had not known about it for a long time but the boy was said to be using a smartphone for an online course when he was locked up.

A lot of money was spent within a month and it was very easy for the boy as the transactions and other details were only saved on the smartphone. The guy will keep deleting messages with transaction details and switching between two different bank accounts to prevent them from getting tired.

Only parents were found when obtaining bank statements for each of their accounts. The boy had emptied his mother’s provident fund and his own account.

The father said:

After we received the details from the bank, I found that he often changed the amount from one bank to another to avoid zero balance. He had been using his mother’s phone for some time and she was not aware that he had noticed it.

To teach the boy a lesson, his father hired him to work in a scooter repair shop so that he could earn his own living. He said he would not even leave his child to read.

I can’t just let her stay at home and give her a mobile phone to study. He works at a scooter repair shop until he realizes how hard it is to make money. I am disappointed now because money was saved for my son’s future.

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