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I know what you’re thinking “Graphic design is my passion!” “I want to harness the graphical abilities of the graphic design masters” “I wanna become a graphic design GOD” Alright,

Graphic design is my passion
Graphic design is my passion

The great thing about graphic design is it’s versatility Graphic design is a very creative field So, not only will you excel with a low testosterone count But, you’ll be making big bucks If you’re in it for the money and planning to go to college, I recommend considering a graphic design major Some graphic design majors report making up to $200, or even $300 dollars in one year Now.

that’s worth the student loans if you ask me Fonts are a really big part of graphic design You have to know how to use the right fonts to have a successful image, or maybe project that you’re working on You have to understand that some fonts are a no-no In the industry.

I recommend some of these starter fonts These are usually pretty good And for the most part, you can use them in any project and they are 100% socially acceptable I recommend going to a cool, hip site like The Fascist party only wanted to help

Graphic design is my passion
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Because they’re really, um, they’re really hip, and with the times Uh, just go to DAFONT and type in, you know, whatever you want Make sure you find, you know, ones that you’re not allowed to use on your own Uh, steal them, and use them in your own projects

That’s usually, people like it when you do that People like it when you- when you steal COPYRIGHT ISN’T REAL So before we delve into some Photoshop lessons, I’ve managed to snag an interview with a graphic design major I’m proud to welcome you, Greg Farrone *cheering* Greg, how you doing today, man? Oh, I’m doing okay, how ar- That’s great Greg, now, let’s get to the meat of it, okay?

You’re a graphics design major, how do you think that, really, effects your life day-to-day? Well, to be quite honest, it’s-it’s going pretty terribly *laughter* It’s hard to find work, and- Wow, Greg, you really sound like you’re living the dream, man.

I’m not- Thanks for coming on, dude I’m not finished talking Now, that was Greg Farrone giving us a taste of- I’m not done! -the posh graphic design life Hey! Now, let’s get back to the tutori- I’m not- I’m not done!

Alright, so here we are in Photoshop A popular program This is really the one you’re gonna wanna use for graphic design Illustrator Here we are in Photoshop, obviously this is the premier program to use Uh, I’m just gonna teach you guys a little bit about Art Theory

You have to understand Art Theory a little bit before you delve into graphic design This is, usually, you know, what you do in college, is they’ll have some art classes for you To get you accustomed to the graphic design environment You can’t just go in

and, you know, everyone else Blow everyone else out of the water Without an understanding of colors Or shapes Right? So, were just gonna do some simple, simple colors here We wanna know what colors work well together Often,

You know, you’re gonna have to think about When colors, uh, mesh together, if they’re gonna look good Maybe you’re designing a website, doing some graphic work for a website And you wanna have a nice color palette So let’s go through,

we obviously know That red, pretty strong color, (LOOKS LIKE MY PERIOD…) Match that with a nice blue That’s usually a pretty good, uh, graphic palette there Um, another one, I like a nice maroon, nice maroon there Usually like to match that with a nice brown And then,

a nice- a nice pink Little bit of highlight there That one looks pretty good Looks like a moldy bacon strip I recommend that color palette Pretty good You wanna have an understanding of shapes, okay?

Over here we have the shape tool This is an expert Photoshop technique Obviously, you know, we’re not, you know, making our own shapes We’re not gonna be that stupid, we’re gonna make it look computerized And perfect Uh,

you can see I’m making a little pink square there You know, maybe you wanna color it black We use the “fill bucket” tool Another Photoshop tool that you’re probably going to want to get accustomed to Fill it in And there we go,

that’s- that’s a shape right there Squares are very important I know a lot of time they tell ya, ya know, do the triangle Strongest shape, don’t trust the Illuminati There’s other things here, you know,

you might wanna learn It’s not really that big of a deal, there’s an eyedropper tool I mean that’s a pretty stupid Photoshop function, you can erase things Uh, but what you’re really looking for is- is that awesome Photoshop feel, ya know compare photo view 

Graphic design is my passion
Graphic design is my passion
Graphic design is my passion
Graphic design is my passion


People are putting Obama’s face on a horse You know, how do- how do they do that? How- HOW DO THEY DO THAT, HOW DO THEY PUT OBAMA’S FACE ON A HORSE? I’m gonna show you how Um, you select Obama’s face And then you put Obama’s face on a horse And then you change the color a little bit And That’s Obama on a horse Wait, th- that’s it? That’s all you have to do? Graphic design is a joke.


Graphic design is my passion
Graphic design is my passion


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